Berklee Songwriters Club


As President of the Berklee Songwriters Club I advocate for the growth and development of the songwriting community as I lead and facilitate collaborative workshops with the Songwriting Department at Berklee College of Music. I also facilitate collaborative meetings with board members to execute administrative tasks such as formalizing the club's yearly budget and semester-based calendar as well as building marketing/pitch decks and presentations. 

As Social Media Manager, I develop strategic marketing plans that promote the club, each concert, and support the long-term brand goals and social media presence of the artists each show is featuring. The social media campaigns I strategize and implement, have boosted the club's follower/non-follower engagement and brand awareness. I use programs such as Canva, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom to create digital content for the Club's social media pages. Over the course of 6 months, this has increased the club's membership by 21.2%. 

Perfect Pitch

Executive Producer

Perfect Pitch is an industry simulation competition that serves as an entertainment event, bringing together students and strengthening bonds in the Berklee community. Directly, the diverse array of styles of music and performers help to promote diversity on campus and create an atmosphere of connection between all members of the student body. 

As the Executive Producer of Perfect Pitch, I secure venue space and develop connections with indie record labels, promotion and marketing companies, as well as talent buyers to attend the event. During the event, I work closely with the on-site production teams as I coordinate with each artist and their band to mic up every instrument and performer, facilitate sound checks, and assist in balancing the final performance.


Project Manager

GradFest is an event for students, run by students, aimed at unifying both the Berklee and Greater Boston community, while showcasing Berklee's graduating talent. 

As Project Manager of the second annual GradFest, I collaborate with board members to organize student outreach strategies and spearhead the booking of venue space, backline sourcing, and contracting of sponsors. I also design and publish promotional digital content on social media, connecting with local news organizations and radio stations.

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